Winter is coming ...


Game of Thrones TV series

Game of Thrones Story

The plot is based on a cycle of novels by George RR Martin's " A Song of Ice and Fire." Each book geptalogii - of the planned seven books published in 2013 five - corresponds to one season of the show . However, the third novel - " A Storm of Swords " - is divided into two seasons , the third and fourth , respectively [ 8]. The action takes place against the background of the books of political intrigue and , later, the civil war in the struggle for power over the state fictional Seven Kingdoms. Robert Baratheon , King of the Seven Kingdoms , asks his old friend Eddard Stark to become his new Hand of the - the chief adviser . Eddard , suspecting that his predecessor was assassinated , takes office, to investigate the circumstances of the death and to protect the king. At the same time, relatives of the queen , the Lannisters , try to take Vasteras full control . Parallel to the sea before the last representatives of the deposed royal family Baratheon Targaryen searching for allies to return them to the throne of the Seven Kingdoms , finding them in the face of militant nomadic Dothraki . The conflict between these families and others , including Greydzhoyami , Tully , Arryn , and Tyrell , leads to war . Meanwhile, in the North, beyond the Great Wall , awakens forgotten , a legendary evil. Among the war and political turmoil small fraternity , Night Watch , is the only one standing between the human world and this horror .